• Turnkey building (exclusively in Romania) – fully finished, interior and exterior, with electrical, sanitary and thermal installations.
  • Structural frames – vertical and horizontal elements which take over the loadings of the building and transmit them to elements on which they rest. At their design it is taken into account the seismic and wind action.
  • Metallic closures – sandwich panels or folded sheet metal, with visible or hidden attachment on a secondary structures of profiles and other solutions of prefab.


Solutions and implementation for industrial buildings performed with teams dedicated to: pre - estimation, bidding, design, project management, execution and supervising of execution. The structural frames can be prefab of metal or concrete, with metallic closures of sandwich panels, folded sheet metal or any solutions of brico type elements.

We analyze and find solutions
1. We analyze and find solutions

For any vision of the building, we contribute to its contouring so that it corresponds to needs. We find solutions so the project can be performed as it was wanted.

We plan
2. We plan

Taking into account the project features, we optimize the costs and execution time. We plan the way in which the building will be done, clearly and accurate, so that each step is evaluated from the beginning.

We build
3. We build

During the entire period of construction, each stage in which the projects is will be followed by client account given to the work. The onsite teams and those from the office will be in an open dialogue with the beneficiary.