The fire extinguishing with performant systems represent an important project of our team.


Studying the multitude of possibilities, we concluded that fire extinguishing with powder is beneficial due to the fact that it protects the perishable goods in contact with water, it is fully automatized, reacts in a short time and is situated on the focal point area. The costs are reduced in comparison with fire extinguishing with water by the sprinkler system. Zeelandia and Mado examples benefit of solutions which reduced the cost of fire extinguishing installation to ½ against the classical solutions.

We analyze and find solutions
1. We analyze and find solutions

We analyze the space and we integrate the solution of fire extinguishing so that the areas which will be affected do not interfere with those which can be isolated.

We design
2. We design

We draft the scenario with fire and we design the fire extinguishing system integrated in the general building project.

We implement
3. We implement

The implementation of the project involves also the explanation on the spot of its action method. We increase the degree of goods protection.